outfit highlight: Alice

I often find myself laughing about how wrong I was in the direction I thought my life would take and how wrong I was in what I thought I wanted. Of the many blessings that the Lord has so graciously lavished over me, community would have to be one of the areas I feel the most spoiled in. When I look back on where I was two years ago, there’s no way I can imagine making it through alone.


This is Alice. She’s been such a blessing to me and I seriously can’t believe we haven’t been friends for as long as it feels. She’s so gifted in so many things-seriously, try spending an evening with her in a middle school gym playing different sports-she will dominate every single sport/game! lol. But really, I’ve gotten to see her grow in so many areas since we first met and it’s seriously humbling to be around someone who exudes so much joy for the Lord and life in general.


Though she’s quite a bit younger than me, I seriously often forget the age gap, she’s for sure one of my closest friends in NWA. I love how the Lord speaks through her and the insight she brings into my life. She’s also got a great sense of fashion and makes an amazing shopping/thrifting buddy-a definite plus in my book!


Alice-if/when you read this- know that I’m so thankful for you! I’m so excited for the plans the Lord has for your life as you continue to grow into the woman he’s called you to be. I admire your desire to grow and your determination to not settle in life. You are such a joy to be around and I KNOW that the Lord uses and is going to use that part of you to bring so many people to (and closer to) Him. I love you, girl! Thanks for doing life with me!


Outfit Details:

Fur Vest: Brand unknown (thrifted by grandma, $1)

Nude Pink Blouse: Forever21 ($14)

Wool Pants: J.Crew (Thrifted $8)

Kitten Heels: Dillards ($25)

If you love her style, check out her closet on Poshmark @alicemends !

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