slow down

How in the world does one begin to slow things down in a time of year that is known for being the busiest? I got to Thursday this week, and I can honestly say that I had no idea how I got there-how I did all that I did that week, how I drove myself there and back, what I talked about…all of it seemed like such a blur.

That is such a scary thought, given that we’re only given one life to live…yet we don’t actually live it.

Earlier this year I learned the value, joys, and freedom of living an intentional life. I got to see people and empathize with where they were, I had meaningful conversations and the freedom to say no to things that just seemed like another thing to do…

I can’t imagine getting to the end of my life to realize that everything I did and the encounters I had had/are of no significance. That thought alone scares me so much I have to take a deep breath…

So I woke up this morning wondering-what if I wrote more cards this year, made more phone calls to loved ones, actually spent time with someone and was present in the moment-no phone, no interrupting thoughts of my plans after our meeting? What IF this December doesn’t just pass me by like it did last year and the year before? What IF I stepped into January rejuvenated and not exhausted?

If you’re reading this, would pray for me? Would you pray for my heart to be slowed down, and for discernment as I choose the way in which I spend my life this month? Would you pray for an obedient heart, to respond to the Lord no matter how inconvenient it may seem? Would you pray for meaning relationships and intentionality in everything I do?

I too will be praying the same for you.

IMG_5175I’m obviously excited about my new hair…I’ve been wanting to do this since this summer and finally just went for it! Lol


On a different note-I almost forgot about this midi dress! I love it when that happens, cause it feels like I got something new in my closet! lol.

Outfit Details: Midi dress (TJMAXX $7) Utility Jacket (Thrifted $5? can’t remember) Michael Kors Boots (bought over 3 years ago at TJMAXX $?) Scarf (J.Crew warehouse sale $5? bought over 5 years ago)

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