Where did all that faith come from?

Ever looked back on times and wonder “how did I ever have the faith to get through that?” Well, the answer is simply- The Lord. Seriously, I think of the crazy times when I’ve been able to step out in faith and refuse to believe anything other than what God has promised, and there is NO other explanation. Trust me, I’m type A and at times a control freak, I don’t have it in me to simply wait on the Lord. HE gives me faith and HE sustains me through the strengthening of that faith!

I often think of the time I moved to AR and believed for the Lord to provide a job at the U of A so that I could go back to school without having to take out anymore loans (let’s just say Sallie Mae’s got dibs on my first two kids for all those amazing years at LU :-)). I waited for FIVE months-don’t get me wrong-there were for sure moments of doubt and insecurity during that time… I remember one time I was offered a job to nanny and tutor a young girl who had been adopted from Haiti and it seemed like such a great opportunity and was going to pay well, yet as broke as I was, it didn’t feel right. So I turned it down. I thought I had officially gone crazy! lol. As you can imagine, I doubted decision so many times when a month later I was still unemployed. I hope I’m making my point that, it was literally the Lord taking me and walking me through that.

And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him. {Hebrews 11:6}

Though moments of faith like that changes you, weor at least I am so quick to forget…this past week I needed to remind myself of that season and as I dug a bit deeper into that, here are the truths I was reminded of:

  1. The Lord is GOOD! I have to choose to not only believe this but to say it with the way I live my life. I have to know that He is only capable of producing good and every good thing comes from Him.
  2. Trust in the Lord! Our faith is built only when we put our trust in Him. I think of those days and wonder, how in the world did I even make it this far? Well, honestly in my flesh, there were lots of times I was ready to give up and move back home. But during this time, I learned that the Lord isn’t insecure or threatened by my doubts-so I learned to speak those out and gained so much confidence in who He is. THAT confidence, is really what kept me going. So pray that God would continue to show Himself to you and that your eyes would be opened to seeing Him for who He is and not who you or the world around you have made Him yo be. All that He is is too unfathomable to be comprehended, but the more of Him you get to know, the more of Him you will trust.
  3. You need to be desperate! Man, there is something about being in a state of desperation that will draw you to the Lord. Funny thing is-His word says to draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Guys, He reciprocates!!!. I also LOVE Matthew 5:3 which says

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

this verse speaks of a certain desperation for the Lord, a longing for Him that is so deep… and this verse promises that THOSE who hunger for God are those who will inherit His kingdom(that right there needs a post of its own!). So the question I ask myself-and you-is when was the last time you put yourself in a situation where you would have to be desperate for the Lord? If I answered that honestly, this situation I’m telling you about would probably be it. I’ve unfortunatly become accustomed to comfort and complacency… Hear me out though, yes there is grace-ABSOLUTELY!, but if that doesn’t grieve you, perhaps there’s a lot more going on in your heart than you think.

4. Submission! You have to submit to the Lord and receive His promises because, truth is, whatever you’re lacking today is probably the easiest part for the Lord to accomplish/provide in your situation, the real work comes from teaching your heart to submit to Him. It’s so important to lean in and ask the Lord what it is about your heart that He wants to work on. During that time, I learned so much about my trust issues, my idolatry in fear, my pride and need for validation in my work, and really just sin that I had allowed to be a part of my life.

I learned to rest in the Lord, which in the end was so much more important than me getting a job, because at the end of the day, the Lord alone is provider.

IMG_5020           IMG_5022

IMG_5021        IMG_5023

Outfit details: Blanket Scarf (Ali Express $7.50-can also be found at F21 for $10) Burnt Orange Tunic Tank (Urban Outfitter Surplus store $10) Kimono (Ross $7) Leggings (Ross $5) Booties (Thrifted, but F21, $4.95)

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