Outfit highlight: $6 Utility Jacket

What a weekend!

As you might’ve already seen-My roomies and I had “a few” friends over for Halloween..and lets just say Michael Jackson made an appearance! lol. I was MJ for Halloween! Haha. I might’ve had a little TOO much fun putting my costume together! In other words, I visited WAY too many thrift stores, so much that I’m taking all of November off from going to one! Seriously, that many.

It’s so easy not to get distracted while thrifting so I usually have to set firm rules for myself before going in-usually pertaining to how much I’m allowed to spend… Anyway, this time around I found a few great pieces including THIS camo/utility jacket. It’s slightly oversize but has some buttons on the sides and sleeves for a more tailored fit! Definitely my favorite find! Check out how I styled it this weekend!



Outfit Details:

Utility Jacket-Thrifted ($6)

H&M Men’s Gingham Button down-Thrifted ($4)

Jeans-J.Crew Warehouse Sale ($10)

Macalister Booties-J.Crew (When I worked there-with employee discount-$25)

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