Eventful Weekend

I went into the weekend expecting to do, well…, nothing!, Especially since I didn’t have any papers or assignments due this week. However, for some reason, it turned out to be a pretty packed three days! None the less it was a good weekend! Now the only thing standing between me and Fall break, is this week! So to that I say-Bring it! lol. IMG_4805

I’m so glad I have so many hats because that’s all I wore this weekend. My favorite this season is this floppy hat I got for my birthday from my sister!


I finally found a second pair of leggings that doesn’t make me feel self-conscious! You might just see them a lot this Fall and winter. Did I mention there’s leather on the sides of them? Seriously such a steal at TJMAXX

IMG_4808Also from my sister for my birthday this year was this Parka!!! Let’s just say in my family we send birthday lists and keep receipts! lolIMG_4807

Outfit Details: Leggings($10) and Flowy top($10)-TJMAXX, Loafers($20) and Parka(birthday present)- H&M, Sunglasses ($1.99)- Charlotte Russe, Flowy Hat(birthday present)-Nordstrom

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